Guided workshop with you to identify your strategic issues.

Identify your points of differentiation to define a brief for all your future actions.

Message strategy

Establish together your hierarchy of communication messages and your editorial schedules.

Define a common thread for all your future communications and help your communities grow organically.

Competitive benchmark

Analysis of your competitors to enrich your message strategies and media plans.

Brings an external vision supported by the use of technological tools to fuel creativity and ensure our strategies.

Creative concepts

Based on your messages, our creative team comes up with creative and original content ideas.

Gets attention, differentiates you from your competitors and drives up your sales and ROI.

Media strategy

Also known as "mixed media", it is defined by a distribution plan and a budget allocation to be allocated to all your acquisition channels.

Allows you to be advised daily by the best experts in the sector.


We identify all the new technologies that can be adapted to your content.

Allows us to be at the heart of the start-up nation and at the cutting edge of technology, with our Tel-Aviv branch at the service of all our customers.

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Ultra-creative concepts executed and shot in our studios or on location. From conception to editing, from casting to location scouting, not forgetting script writing and post-production. We tell you, our teams take care of everything!


We produce native, low-cost, contemporary content that adapts perfectly to the digital platforms on which you want to communicate.


2D or 3D, our motion designers supervise the creation of short and long animations. Whether you need them for your campaigns or to liven up your explanatory videos, they're the best!


A production and editorial team dedicated to creating digital programs for your corporate communications.


We transpire your brand's DNA through all the communication channels you wish to use.


We create your corporate content, whether it's a company presentation video, an event video, interviews or testimonials. We'll give you all the tools you need to communicate in BtoB.


Bluelemon supports you throughout the entire funnel: brand awareness, community building, e-commerce campaigns, LeadGen... Our social ads experts master both BtoC and B2C platforms.

and BtoB via more complex sales paths


Our teams manage all types of video campaigns.


Our teams of search experts are fully conversant with the workings of

and processes to optimize your perfumes.


Made up of marketing experts from major companies
bluelemon supports its customers with tailored, innovative strategies, while keeping abreast of social media trends.
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Studio video

A creative and production team drawn from some of the world's leading agencies
and a video studio, bluelemon creates ultra-creative, effective content in line with what works on social networks.
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Social ads

A team of 360° campaign managers from leading agencies
can help you get your content out there. Algorithms and social media tricks hold no secrets for our expert consultants.
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